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Queen: Brian May reveals what he REALLY thinks of Adam Lambert song | Music | Entertainment

Lambert has been working with Queen in recent years as their lead singer, but he has continued to pursue his successful solo career as well.

This week he launched a new era with the release of latest single New Eyes.

Taking to Instagram, May opted for heartfelt honesty when giving his opinion of the track.

The guitarist refreshingly admitted that New Eyes did not instantly click with him – but he’s a big fan of it now.

He wrote: “BRAND NEW from Adam Lambert!!! NEW EYES!

“Strange – this took me a while to assimilate – wasn’t sure when I first heard it – but now definitely falling in love with this track. GO ADAM!!!”

New Eyes has been faring well in early digital sales; scaling into the Top 40 in the US iTunes chart.

It’s also made ripples in the UK iTunes chart, where – at time of writing – it sits at No54.

This summer, Lambert and May reunite with Roger Taylor for Queen’s Rhapsody Tour.

In July, it begins its run around Canada and the USA; taking them up to late August.

In early 2020, the show travels to Asia and Oceania; with shows recently added in South Korea.

May revealed in a separate Instagram post: “KOREA here we come !!! This coming Spring 2020 we will be saying a lot of THANKYOU’S to our friends in Korea who took our Freddie film to their hearts and gave us so much love.

“Now don’t go a-hollerin’ at me, all you folks elsewhere !!! We’re doin’ our best here !!! We ain’t 39 years old any more !!

“That’s a tough road we’ve laid out ahead … and who knows where it will lead. And … we never pass this way again.”

There are still no UK dates for the tour, with May hinting on Radio 2 earlier this month that he expects to add some in due course – even they may be Queen’s last shows ever.

“I’m hoping we will [play the UK] – [there’s been] no announcement,” he told Zoe Ball.

“One more before we pop off, is my theory.”

Whether this was a throwaway joke or an indication that Queen will only tour once more before disbanding for good is up for interpretation, but host Ball was keen to point out that May should be in no rush to retire.

“I can still run about, I can still speak. Just!” he quipped in response.

The group’s latest resurgence comes following the huge success of Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, which won four Oscars.

Adam Lambert’s New Eyes is out now.

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